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Hello. I have been keeping fish since mid year 2004. I have had a fully planted High Tech tank set up since the end of 2005. I have since expanded from a single 29g tank to: A High tech 60g, Low tech 29g, a ADA Mini M nano high tech, and a couple emersed setups.

Friday, August 15, 2008

After a lengthy break from updating my blog i have returned with a few updates.

I recently replanted the foreground of the 60g pictured above. Its been planted for nearly a year. The only plants that haven't been in there from the beggining is all of anubias in front, some small Blyxa japonica and hairgrass plants, and a small patch of Rotala sp. Goias.

I also finished up my a scape on my Mini M and i haven't really done anything with it in the last couple months and i recently removed all of the plants and livestock. But this is how it looked when it was near its peak.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you still read these, but amazing tanks for such a young man (obviously very bright, lol).

Thanks for sharing and showing your work... nice to see the progression, changes and "modifications".



William said...


Thanks for the lovely compliment. I haven't really been very active with my blog because I haven't really done much with my aquariums recently, college life and limited space has really slowed me down. I hope to have multiple tanks up and running some day in the future though.