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Hello. I have been keeping fish since mid year 2004. I have had a fully planted High Tech tank set up since the end of 2005. I have since expanded from a single 29g tank to: A High tech 60g, Low tech 29g, a ADA Mini M nano high tech, and a couple emersed setups.

Friday, August 15, 2008

After a lengthy break from updating my blog i have returned with a few updates.

I recently replanted the foreground of the 60g pictured above. Its been planted for nearly a year. The only plants that haven't been in there from the beggining is all of anubias in front, some small Blyxa japonica and hairgrass plants, and a small patch of Rotala sp. Goias.

I also finished up my a scape on my Mini M and i haven't really done anything with it in the last couple months and i recently removed all of the plants and livestock. But this is how it looked when it was near its peak.