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Hello. I have been keeping fish since mid year 2004. I have had a fully planted High Tech tank set up since the end of 2005. I have since expanded from a single 29g tank to: A High tech 60g, Low tech 29g, a ADA Mini M nano high tech, and a couple emersed setups.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I got around to taking a few pictures finally. Its not what I really envisioned and I am not very happy with it but I have had no algae for weeks and I am in shock.:) The problem is the HC kepts getting stirred up by my loach and snails, and the glosso keeps growing up as much as out.

If I had enough HC I would plant the whole thing with it and get rid of the loach. The hardscape is not my favorite either but I can't say I hate it to much.

I am waiting for this to fill in and complete itself so I can swap out the SMS for aquasoil and probably go for a more traditional scape, maybe even a little dutch... I haven't decided.

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Anonymous said...

great work! I am looking forward to trying something like this!