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Hello. I have been keeping fish since mid year 2004. I have had a fully planted High Tech tank set up since the end of 2005. I have since expanded from a single 29g tank to: A High tech 60g, Low tech 29g, a ADA Mini M nano high tech, and a couple emersed setups.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vacation Strikes Again

I just recently returned from 2 weeks of vacation and 1 week of Sierra Service Project. I came home to a disaster of a 60g. Tons of brown fluffy algae everywhere. My dosing system had a couple quirks and it wasn't dosing as much as it should have. Now I have a forest of glosso covered with brown algae instead of the field I left three weeks ago.

I have decided that I will wait to replant the tank until I receive my ADA aquasoil and pincettes. This might take a little while so I am deciding whether I want to try the same hardscape or go for something different. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

The Mini M was struck by crazy amounts of U. gibba. It took over the back of the tank where it gets very diffused sunlight but enough for it to flourish. I also had a little bba and the HC seems to have died at its base. I had lowered the amount of light to slow everything down while I was on vacation and it worked really well on everything except for the grown in HC I think I am going to have to replant it before I can call it a completed tank. Thats a real shame because the rest of the tank has really come along.

The 29g suffered a loss of javafern for somereason the java fern melted. I still have a little bit of both the regular and narrow leaf left but they don't look great. Besides some bga on the glass and some diatoms on the sand it survived pretty well. If only the Java fern had not melted on me.:(

Over all I have had my work cut out for me since I have been back. I don't know whether I should try and save the java fern I have and try and regrow it or buy a couple new plantlets and jump start the regrowing process.

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