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Hello. I have been keeping fish since mid year 2004. I have had a fully planted High Tech tank set up since the end of 2005. I have since expanded from a single 29g tank to: A High tech 60g, Low tech 29g, a ADA Mini M nano high tech, and a couple emersed setups.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Update: Redid 60g

I finally got around to replanting my 60g iwagumi. I decided to try a complete glosso scape and I planted it last week. I had some technical problems in the beginning and the glosso grew upwards. I am going to have to replant most of it to get the look I am striving for.

I am going to keep the same green neons they still fit the scape well. Not as well as maybe a bright white or red fish but there subtle green will blend with the glosso better.

The hardscape is a little rough but I can't seem to find something I like better. I might turn the largest rock around when I replant just to see how it looks. I will post pics later. If you want to just look at random pics of my tanks here is a link: